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22SUM01 Chess for Social Skills

22SUM01 Chess for Social Skills
Chess for Social Skills is like no other summer course as it is extremely hands-on and teacher-centred. Chess is a growing pastime in Irish primary schools with over 200 schools now joined the Ficheall.ie network of teachers promoting chess in primary schools. It is an excellent hobby for students (and teachers) for rainy days and promotes a variety of social and cognitive skills such as respect, forward planning, problem solving, decision making, accepting defeat, understanding resilience and developing a growth mind-set when exploring a new skill; all of which are explicitly addressed in the free beginner lessons available to participants
Some testimonials from the 172 teachers who completed the course in 2021:
·         “As a total beginner to chess, I found this course so worthwhile, after a week I have the knowledge and confidence to start chess classes with my class. I actually can't wait to get it up and running, I'm addicted!” 
·         “The first summer course I've done that I was excited to start each day!”
·         “Learn social skills while having fun through the game of chess!”
·         “A course that when completed you can actually say you have learned an entire new skill! Amazing!”
·         “By far the most engaging, practical and enjoyable CPD course I have ever done! I would recommend all teachers do this course.” 
·         “This is a fun course!” 
·         “Brilliant: learning, play and a social place. Ideal way to spend the first week of July!”
·         “Teach your students good sportsmanship without PE!”
Teachers will have the opportunity to learn how to play chess by playing mini chess games against other novice teachers. The course will teach all participants:  
·         how to play chess (from zero prior knowledge) and the best methods of teaching primary school children as young as first class the rules using a fun, games-based approach 
·         how to utilise chess as an additional resource in teaching social skills in the mainstream and special education classroom 
·         how to organise a school chess club, school chess team and in-school chess competitions 
·         a variety of digital teaching resources will be made available to all participants
This summer course has been hosted through eight education centres around Ireland since 2016 and always receives the highest standard of feedback. It attracts principals and experienced teachers looking for something new and easy to implement in their schools. Newly qualified teachers also find the course an excellent addition to their CV.
Feel free to email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to ask any questions about the course.

Course Details

Course Date 04-07-2022 9:30 am
Course End Date 08-07-2022 2:00 pm
Cut off date 28-06-2022 10:00 am
Fee €50.00
Select Hours 20
Speaker Peter Graydon
Location Scoil Mhuire Senior School

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